Star Wars Pancake Molds

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have you seen these Star Wars pancake molds at William Sonoma? Seriously, how fun are these? If you are a fan of the movies, then these are just one of those unique kitchen tools you can't pass up. I knew instantly I had to have them.
There are three molds, Yoda, Darth Vader, and a Storm Trooper. They cost $19.95 for all three, and they are really easy to use.

Make sure your pan is nice and warm before you start to cook.
I was given the tip of spraying each mold real good with cooking spray to make sure little corners like Yoda's ears don't get stuck.

Place your mold on the pan with the bars and handle facing up. If you have a little squeeze bottle, this will help make pouring the batter in the molds a little easier, but it is not necessary.
Wait until you start seeing bubbles from your pancake cooking, remove mold, and flip to cook the other side.

Want to make those pancakes extra special? You could use some food coloring too.
I made Star Wars pancakes and regular pancakes, and guess which ones my husband went for first? You guessed it, the Star Wars ones. Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers to be exact.

William Sonoma also sells Star Wars  vehicle pancake molds, cookie cutters, sandwich cutters and an apron. If you can't make it to your local William Sonoma, visit them online.

May the Force Be With You.

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