Toy Story 3 Cupcake at Disney California Adventure

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The other day while I was at Disney California Adventure, I made a little snack stop at Baker's Field Bakery, the pastry shop within the streamline train in Sunshine Plaza.
I'm always on the look out for new treats especially cupcakes. There is just something about cupcakes, that I am drawn to. Cupcakes are really just small pieces of cake, but what you do get is a nicely decorated piece of cake, and I think that is why I love cupcakes so much.
When I entered the bakery, I noticed right away that they had two new cupcakes. One is a chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling for World of Color and the other is this...

How fun is this Toy Story 3 cupcake? I bought it without knowing what kind of cupcake it was, but once I took that first bite I was instantly pleased. It's a lemon cupcake!

If you look closely, you can see the top is dusted with edible glitter. I think that is a nice touch.
The cupcake itself is a yellow cake with a faint taste of lemon, lemon curd center, and a lemon whipped cream frosting with red swirls, yellow dots, and glitter. The whole thing is topped with a white chocolate image of Woody and Buzz Lightyear.
Each cupcake cost $3.29, but don't forget to ask for your AP discount if you have one.

And just when you didn't think they could get any fancier, they used a blue, light blue, yellow, and white swirled wrapper. As someone who loves to find cupcake wrappers ( wait till you see tomorrows post), I can appreciate this little detail. Sure they could have used plain cupcake wrappers, but they didn't, and it pulls the whole cupcake together nicely.

So how does it taste? I really like it. It's the perfect cupcake for summer time, when you want a sweet but don't feel like chocolate. It has the right amount of lemon taste to it without being sour. If you are a fan of lemon, then chances are you will like it.

And remember, if you are unable to eat it right then, a cast member will be happy to box one to go for you. Right now they are putting them in the ice cream cups with a lid, and that actually makes a perfect traveling container for the cupcake.

So far I have only spotted them at Baker's Field Bakery.

Make sure you stop by tomorrow, and I will show you how to make your own Toy Story cupcake!

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