Halloween at Roger's Gardens

Friday, September 3, 2010

One of my favorite nurseries in Southern California is Roger's Gardens. 
Besides having a nice selection of plants for my garden (their 6 packs and 4" plants are cheaper than some other local nurseries), they also have great home decor that I always enjoy looking at. 
My favorite time of the year to visit Roger's Gardens however is Halloween and then Christmas. 
For both holidays they go over the top to decorate and bring unique items for you to purchase.

I was able to get a sneak peek at their Halloween preview sale, and I took some photos with my mobile phone to share with all of you. 
This year the theme is called "Funn & Gaems Toy Factory".  

Each year I always look forward to seeing what they will come up with because it's never the same. Last year they had a mad scientist room and an old carriage parked out front. This year I was happy to see a  small duplicate of "It's a Small World", with a working clock face rocking back and forth. The whole thing is solid black, with a sign to the left saying "Toy Factory". 

Once I entered, I was greeted by a ventriloquist dummy sitting on a bunch of giant dice scattered about. He also makes a couple more appearances throughout the store, at one point he looks to be in danger. 

There are several rooms each cleverly displayed with a theme. They have Halloween goodies for everyone, the creepy, the cute, the glittery, and more spiders, crows, and pumpkins then you know what to do with. 
If you've never been and you love Halloween, then you will love this place. 

With lots of real pumpkins (that you can purchase) gathered in piles all over the place, it's hard to not get in the mood for Halloween. 
They also have a nice selection of fall plants right now too. I'll be planting orange and chocolate Rudbeckias in my garden this weekend. 

Funn & Gaems Toy Factory opens today September 3rd. 

Roger's Garden is located at:
2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd
Corona Del Mar, Cal 92625
Store Hours: 9am-6pm Daily

Visit www.rogersgardens.com for more information. 

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Summer said...

We are so taking a trip to this nursery! Corona isn't too far from us, how fun is this place!!! Oh i'm so excited!