Adventures with the Mouse #2

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's another week, and Mickey has joined us once again at Disneyland. 
This week we played on Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. The little one was spinning a wheel round and round, when Mickey spotted a skeleton rising from the water under a pirate chest. That pirate skeleton did not want to let go of that chest!
Mickey got caught in a ball full of skeletons. Good thing he had us to rescue him. 
Next he tried to steal some gold left behind on the island. 
As the saying goes "Dead men tell no tales", so we grabbed him and left the island while we still could. 
Both the little one and Mickey tried to pull the sword out with no such luck. 
We decided to hop on the Monorail for a round trip ride around the park. That Mickey was caught goofing off on the sign.
He then sat down to wave a hello by the sign before sitting by the window to look out at the park.
As we were heading out for the day, Mickey waved at us from behind a cast member gate. He did say that after all he is the boss. 


Days In The Park said...

Mickey and my son would get along quite nicely. :)

Magical Days with the Mouse said...

Perhaps Mickey should have an adventure with them one day. :)