Family Fun Weekends- Kickin' Country Weekend at Disneyland

Friday, January 21, 2011

 Family Fun Weekends is back, and this weekend it's Kickin' Country Weekend at Disneyland. 
Last weekend I shared pictures from Fiesta Disneyland, and just like last weekend you can find many of the same characters out ready to meet you in their Country clothes. 
Cowboy Mickey and Minnie looking cute as always.
 Loving Daisy's dress and hat, and Donald looks pretty good himself too. 

It's Clarabelle Cow!

 Clara Cluck too!

 Pluto had a bandanna around his neck for the festivities.
I always love seeing how Goofy will dress.
While we were there, Chip and Dale were on the stage teaching everyone how to line dance. Goofy gathered all the little kids and brought them over to the stage. 

 Goofy joined in the line dancing for only a few minutes before returning to take photos. He really made quite a few little ones have a magical moment. It's always fun to see the kid's faces light up, when they get a little extra experience with their favorite characters.

 The Fort Worth West Band will be performing all weekend.

The coloring station is back with Family Fun Weekend papers to color on. 

 There is a quilt making booth...

 a BBQ sauce cart...

 Merchandise from Frontierland available...

 And a wood carving table.

You can find the Family Fun Weekends located back in the Festival Arena right next to Big Thunder Ranch from 10 am-5pm through this Sunday.
Next weekend Jan 28-30, Family Fun Weekends is back with Character Fan Days. 

 One last thing I wanted to mention, over at the cabin next to Big Thunder Ranch, they have it also open for coloring. If you want a quiet place to color with your kids, this is an ideal place to go.

Don't forget to say hi to Maggie on your way out. 


Lynnette said...

Great post. Loved your pictures. The characters look amazing in their western clothing. Wish I could've gone this weekend. Got to see last weekend and definitely next!

You know I just noticed Maggie the other day and realized she is named for the Home on the Range movie. Very little in the parks referencing that!

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

Great pictures! Joey loved seeing the characters dressed up! :-)