The Incredibles: Heroes in Training Pixar Pals at Disney California Adventure

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The new Pixar Pals mini shows started yesterday at Disney California Adventure. 
The Incredibles: Heroes in Training Squad, is the first of the Pixar Pals to debut. 
 In search of "Tomorrow's Heroes, Today", the Incredibles squad gathers kids from the crowd to defeat evil.
 They train, guide, and give each child the skill to become a hero "today".  Mrs. Incredible teaches everyone some safety by demonstrating that it's important to stretch first. 
 Next up, demonstrations on strength, hand/eye coordination, and creating a super wind tunnel.
 After the demonstrations by the squad, each child gives strength a go by lifting the incredible heavy weights.
 Next they throw bean bags at the bad guys for hand/eye coordination. 
 Last they create one super wind tunnel together as a group by running fast in place with their legs.
 This show, that is about 15 mins long, has a hidden message that kids can have fun while being active. Before they take off, kids are reminded to listen to their parents, do their homework, and eat their fruits and vegetables. All good tips, if you ask me. 
This show is definitely great for little kids because of all the interaction. When I first found out that the Pixar Play Parade was going on a break, I was a little sad even though the reason behind the break (construction around the park) is a good one. It was something my son loved so much to watch, but now that I've seen the Pixar Pals there is no reason to be sad. In some ways it might be better temporarily,  purely for the fact that kids get to be apart of the show now. My son loved watching it too and clapped throughout with excitement. I think it's a very nice replacement during the parade's break.

You can find the Pixar Pals located at Sunshine Plaza and the Hollywood Backlot by the Hyperion Theatre. Check your show guide for times at each location, when you enter the park. 
Other Pixar Pals like Monsters Inc and Toy Story will debut at a later date. 

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Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

This looks really great and always a good messge for kids to be active! Thanks for sharing!