Sneak Peek into the Newly Opened Blue Sky Cellar with The Little Mermaid

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Blue Sky Cellar opens today with all new models, videos, and concept drawings for many of the changes happening right now at Disney California Adventure. 
Here is a sneak peek for you.
 Newly designed posters for the Paradise Pier area attractions in a Victorian seaside style.
This moving map replaces the old map to the right of the movie that's shown in Blue Sky Cellar. There are 30 different effects that move around. For example - lightning hits ToT, the monorail moves across the map, there are bugs zooming around near the farm, etc.

The Mermaid Mural is an 86-foot long mural that has been hand painted in the loading area of the attraction.
The evolution of the facade and ride layouts are a few of the hundreds of drawings that were done by Imagineers trying to work out what the ride would look like.

This is a sample of the glass that was hand made for the entrance of the attraction (the ride's marquee), that will be in the former dome of California Dreams.
This is a model of Ursula, that is in Scene 6 - the Poor Unfortunate Souls or Ursula's Lair (the official name of scene 6) section of the ride. The model is 1-inch to 1-foot scale, which gives you an idea of how very large Ursula will be in the attraction (something like 12-feet wide by 8-feet tall).

The Little Mermaid Ride will be about 6-minutes in length and should open by summer. I can hardly wait, what about you? 

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Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

I am really looking forward to the changes in DCA, as well as WDW. With two girls who love Ariel, the addition of more Little Mermaid is sure to please this family (well, maybe not my son!).