The Mad Hatter

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

 One of the things that makes Disney so great are the details. Recently I was in the Mad Hatter over in Fantasyland buying some Minnie ears to wear, and I really took a moment to looked around. 

How cute is this little tea party? There are hats displayed right in front of it to purchase.
 You can't miss this mirror.
If you look up, even the chandeliers are decorated with dangling carrots.
 This shelf is behind the counter. How tempting it must be to not drink those bottles or eat those cakes. ;)
Make sure you really look up, or you might miss this balcony. 
This is my favorite detail of the store. 
On the outside you can find a teacup to pose for a photo in, and around the corner is this little door which makes a great place to take your little ones picture. 

Next time you're inside the Mad Hatter make sure to really look around because there are many fun things to see. 

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Days In The Park said...

LOVE the store, and not for the hats. Doesn't the Cheshire Cat's face show up in that mirror from time to time, or am I thinking of something else?