From Motherhood Magic to Magical Days with the Mouse... Why the Change?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Motherhood Magic to Magical Days with the Mouse… why the change? 

I started Motherhood Magic as a way to share all the things I love about Disneyland. As someone who frequents the park throughout the week, there is always something I see that I feel others might enjoy looking at too. Sometimes it's just random photographs around the Disneyland Resort, but other times I will share a new show, a new treat to eat, or a place in the park we like to visit. 
As my blog has grown, I have realized that I may not be reaching out to everyone who is a fan of Disneyland. I feel that the word "Motherhood" might be confusing, and if someone didn't take the time to read my bio, then they might assume that my blog is about the magic of being a mother. Although that may be true, that is not what I want the focus of my blog to be.
So from this day on, I will continue the rest of my weekly posts on this new blog, Magical Days with the Mouse. I have gone ahead and imported every blog post I have ever done on Motherhood Magic.

Please head over to our new Facebook page and become a fan. 
If you are following MotherhoodMagic on twitter that account will be the same but now read @MagicMouseDays

I look forward to sharing more of our Magical Days with the Mouse with all of you.


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