Flashback Friday: Indiana Jones Adventure -Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Friday, March 4, 2011

 Yesterday March 3, 2010 marked the 16th anniversary of Indiana Jones Adventure -Temple of the Forbidden Eye, opening day for celebrities at a private event  at Disneyland during park hours. 
Today marks the 16th anniversary for opening day to the public.  
Let's flashback for a little bit of history of Indiana Jones Adventure.
Passholder card from 1996
When the ride first opened they gave out decoder cards to decode messages throughout the ride queue walls.
Front and back of each card.

 I've included one card by itself for you to click on, and print to take with you on your trip next time to Disneyland. 
 They also gave out these stickers.
And these passports.

 I remember the excitement of a new big ride opening at the park. Back then Disney did things a little different. They would have passholder nights, and when they had one for Indiana Jones Adventure I went with my family. 
Not only was the party for passholders, but they also had special event merchandise for us to buy that night too.
I was a senior in high school, and I remember waiting in line with my parents and sister for the ride. We got to the part where the line splits into two leading up the stairs before you get on the 12 person vehicle, when the ride broke down. Luckily we didn't have to wait too long for it to start back up again.
When it was our turn, as we approached the scene where rats start falling on you, our car broke down... or did it? Everyone moaned, and we all thought the ride broke down again, but we soon found out that was part of the ride. Brilliant. As we approached the end with the rolling ball, I screamed and ducked my head. To this day I still feel the need to duck down just in case that ball comes crashing down on me. 
I remember being blown away by all the little effects throughout the ride, and Indiana Jones Adventure became my favorite ride for a long time.  

Before the official opening day, Mark and Brian from KLOS morning radio show had a private party. You could win tickets by calling in or by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to the station for tickets. I was a winner, and I got to go to the private party with my family.
 Check out those admission prices on the left! It's hard to believe it was ever that cheap, of course Disney California Adventure wasn't around back then yet. 
This is the inside of the guide, notice that the radio station took over Space Mountain with AC/DC and Metallica. 
Video from Disney Parks Blog at the celebrity premiere. 

Happy Birthday Indiana Jones Adventure! Not all of your effects work like they did 16 years ago, but you're still a great ride. 

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Amy said...

Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE Flashback Fridays?! :) I remember the opening for Indy... the parade of celebrities. The line to the train tunnel... Fun stuff. Somewhere I still have my decoders. If I remember correctly, I laminated one for my wallet back there. I wonder where that one ended up! :)