Disney Tip Tuesday: Fantasyland Thirst Quencher

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to another Disney Tip Tuesday with Days in the Park and Magical Days with the Mouse. 
Chad and I have teamed up on our blogs to give you some tips you may or may not know about around the Disneyland Resort. 
Today we are taking a look into Fantasyland. 
When my son and I go to the Disneyland Resort, we pretty much load up on water for our drinks. I'll get the occasional soda and he will get a milk with his kid meal, but other then that we drink water, water, water! 
We do have a soft spot though... we have recently over the summer become addicted to Disneyland's frozen lemonade.  Now I'm not talking about those frozen cups of lemonade at the ice cream carts that are hard as a rock, and you are forced to dig out with a spoon. No this is a slushy type drink. 
 I first started getting them at a cart just outside of Storybook Land on your way to It's a Small World, but then I slowly noticed that these carts are all over the resort. 
As many times as we've rode Casey Jr. Circus Train, and then walked over to Big Thunder Ranch (and let me tell you it's A LOT), I never noticed the lemonade cart by the exit of Casey Jr. 
Now it's a must stop once we get off Casey Jr. Circus Train. 
 The frozen lemonade is $4.19 which comes out to $4.50 with tax, and you can have it as plain lemonade or add cherry or raspberry flavor to it for free!
 We've had all three flavors, but I really prefer just plain old lemonade. They are all delicious though, and are perfect for hot days when you are dying of thirst. They are a life saver!
 On one visit I was craving the frozen lemonade, and decided I didn't need to get one again that week. As I was walking through Downtown Disney I noticed that Wetzel Pretzel has a frozen lemonade too. Not only that, but it was also something like .50 cents cheaper. I decided to cave and buy one on our way to the car. Let me tell you right now... spend the extra money on the Disneyland one. Not only was the taste much nicer, but Disneyland's ice is chopped up perfectly into slush that doesn't lose it's juice. Nothing worse then getting a slushy drink, and you suck up all the juice leaving ice behind. 
So if you've never tried one of these, I say they are a must.
If you have... then you know what I'm talking about!
Even Mickey enjoys drinking the frozen lemonade. 
Now head over to Days in the Park to see Chad's tip for Fantasyland. If you have a lemonade or two, you may find it very useful. 
Have you tried the frozen lemonade? What do you think? Do you prefer plain lemonade like me or get one of the flavors? Speak up! I want to know. 

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